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Overclock: AMD Dual-Core Opteron 165 1800MHz @ 2835MHz (157.50%)


Overclocked frequence:
2835MHz - 157.50%
Original frequence:
1800MHz - 100.00%

Overclock specs

Overclocked: Original:
Overclock frequence: 2835 MHz 1800 MHz
MP Frequence * MP: 315 * 9
Voltage: 1.54 V 1.30-1.35 V

System specs

Cooling: Tuniq Tower 120
Cooling category: Extreme air cooling (Extreme cpu cooler and/or >3 case fans)
Cool'n'quiet: No
Idle/load temperature: 45 °C / 68 °C
Motherboard: DFI Lanparty UT nf4 Ultra-D
Bios version: 04/06/2006
Chip(set): nVidia nForce4 Ultra (s939)

Validation - beta Help

Level: 3. certified 'Rock stable overclock'
CPU-Z validation link:
Screenshot with CPU-Z validation and SuperPI 1M (1.4/1.5) test finished:
Screenshot with CPU-Z validation and 10 Hours Stressprime (Prime95/SP2004) test finished:

Overclock extra (optional)

Futuremark link:
Extra link:
Notes: Super PI was run at the end of the test while Orthos had been running for > 10 hours. I left Orthos running when I ran SuperPI 1M to make sure all cores were running at 100%. I managed to fit both validations in the same screenshot, but I have included 2 slightly different pics so it will let me submit.

I ran with closed case for 3 hours, core #1 was >90c. This test was run with the side panel removed from my case, open air.

Ram was overclocked ~10% too, set to a 7/10 divider. Memory bus was 218.1 Mhz for 436 Mhz DDR speed.

LDT 3x
Ram 2.7V
Chipset 1.4V

Here is my full build:
DFI Lanparty UT nf4 ultra-D
(BIOS 2006/04/06)
Opteron 165
2x G.SKILL DDR 400 F1-3200PHU2-2GBNS
OCZ GameXStream 700 Watt OCZ700GXSLI
BFGTech BFGR88640TSOC2E (640MB 8800GTS OC2)
Evercool EC-VC-RE Ball All in One Chipset/VGA Cooler
Tuniq Tower 120
2 Case Fans
1 PCI Slot Fans
Seagate 320 GB SATA 3.0 7200RPM GB (boot)
1x Maxtor 250GB 3.0 7200RPM
LG DVD 18x Super Multi DVD Rewriter
Creative SB Audigy 2 Sound Card
Vista Ultimate

Getting an Antec 900 we'll see if I need to open air the case then!


Member: blackyoda

Processor specs ( LCBQE 0722 RPBW - Green - CD )

Processor: AMD Dual-Core Opteron 165 (Dual-core)
Processor tray (pib): OSA165DAA6CD (OSA165CDBOX)
Processor stepping: E6
Stepping: LCBQE 0722 RPBW - Green - CD
Processor frequence: 1800 MHz
Socket: socket 939
Memory controller: dual ddr 400 MHz
HTT speed (version): 1000 MHz (1.0)
L1 / L2 cache memory: 128 KB / 1024 KB
Operating mode: 32/64
Voltage: 1.30-1.35 V
Thermal power: 110 W
Max temp: 65 °C
Processor tech: 90 nm, SOI (silicon-on-insulator)
Die-size, total transistors: 199 mm², 233.2 million
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