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ADA3000DEP4AW (ADA3000AWBOX) AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 512KB(1x) 1800MHz socket-939 1.50V 89W
Core Week Stepping Color Revision Engineering Sample AVG OC
CAAMC 0343 WPMW Brown BP -
CBAEC 0439 EPMW Green AW -
CBAEC 0439 GPMW Green AW -
CBAEC 0439 GPMW Green CG -
CBAEC 0503 GPMW Green AP -
CBAZC 0447 MPMW Green AW -
CBAZC 0503 GPMW Green CG 3044 (169%)
CBAZC 0507 XPMV Green AW -
CBAZC 0509 XPMW Green AW -
LBAZC 0502 DPAW Green AW -
LBAZC 0524 FPEW Green AW -
LBBLE 0416 TPMW Green AW -
LBBLE 0517 DPAW Brown AP -
LBBLE 0519 EPEW Green AW 2601 (144%)
LBBLE 0520 DPBW Green BP -
NBBWE 0605 APMW Green AW -
NBBWE 0614 FAA Green BW -
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