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ADO5000DSWOF (ADO5000DSWOF) AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 512KB(2x) 2600MHz socket-AM2 1.25-1.35V 65W
Core Week Stepping Color Revision Engineering Sample AVG OC
AAA9G 0731 FPAW Green OF 4103 (158%)
AAA9G 0731 FPAW Green OF -
AACSC 0843 DPMW Green OF -
CAA9G 0736 BAA Green DS -
CAA9G 0737 BAA Green DS 3213 (124%)
CAA9G 0742 BAC Green DS -
CAA9G 0742 CAB Green DS 3252 (125%)
CAA9G 4207 BAC Green DS -
NAA9G 0801 CAE Green DO 3397 (131%)
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